Sell iPhone


Sell iPhone for Cash in Scottsdale

Gold Star Pawn & Loan is always willing to buy your broken, working, or new iPhone. Whether you got a new phone, your iPhone isn’t working properly, or you found it in the back of your closet and it’s not being used, bring it down to us and get some fast cash. iPhones are very easy to sell, therefore, we can pay a higher price for them and work with a lower margin. We would buy every model from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 14. We can even buy your broken iPhone 13 or 14 phone as well – (cracked screen, BAD ESN, water damage). Be sure to bring in the charger, box, or any other accessories to get the most cash for your iPhone. We buy broken phones on a case by case basis, so please call us to see if we will take your broken phone.

In addition to iPhones, we are also a buyer of iPads and Macbooks as well – sometimes even broken! (depends on model and what is wrong with it). We will buy everything from the 6th generation iPad to the newest model). We can buy the iPad mini 3 all the way up to current model. Be sure to bring in any chargers, cases, or boxes you have with your product.

It really is much easier to sell your iPhone or iPad to us rather than going through one of those huge cell phone buyer websites. That process takes days to complete and you’re going to get the same, if not MORE money when you sell to us. And don’t forget – no waiting. You get cash on the spot.