Title Loans


Get a Scottsdale title loan today

Here at Gold Star Pawn & Loan, we offer the most competitive interest rates on car title loans or “auto pawn.” Rather than pawning your jewelry, electronics, or musical instrument, an auto title loan might make more sense because it usually allows you to get a large sum of money very quickly. If there is an emergency and you need some extra money that your jewelry or electronics won’t cover, a title loan might be a good option for you. Also, we don’t just limit ourselves to cars. We can also do title loans on your motorcycle, boat, dirt bike,  or jet-ski.

How do title loans work?

The way a title loan works is you are taking a loan out against your paid off automobile – meaning you are using your car, motorcycle, RV, boat, or bulldozer as collateral to secure a loan. The loans run for 30-days and you can pay it off at anytime or keep it for however long you want. There is no prepayment penalty. We only require you to pay at least the interest every month (although we encourage you to pay more so that you pay down the principal balance). Whatever amount you pay on top of the interest gets applied toward the principal balance. You will receive a new 30-day loan contract after every payment you make.  In most cases, you get to keep your car and drive away in it after getting a loan. We require motorcycles, dirt bikes, boats, jet-skis, and RV’s to be stored in our lot throughout the duration of the loan. We are licensed as an auto title lender by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.

What is the interest rate? 

Amount Borrowed            Interest Rate (per month)           APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

 $100-$1,000                     10-17%                                                  120-204%

$1000-$4,000                    8-13%                                                    96-156%

$4,000+                              6-10%                                                    72-120%

What do I need to bring in to get a title loan?

In order to get the lowest interest rate, we ask that you bring in the following items:

Your car, motorcycle, watercraft, or other automobile.

  • Clear Arizona title (no liens, no salvage titles) – Required
  • Valid Driver’s License or State ID – Required
  • Proof of address from the last month (utility bill, cable/phone bill) – Required
  • Proof of registration – Required (can’t be expired)
  • Proof of insurance
  • Pay stubs or proof of income
  • Spare key

What happens if i’m late to pay on my title loan? 

First and foremost, talk with us. If you are going to be late, let us know and we are more than happy to work with you. In the case where we don’t hear from you or don’t receive a payment by the due date, we then have the right to repossess your vehicle and take ownership of it if the loan is not paid off after 10 days.

**We require cars to have a value of at least $3,000 or more in order to do a loan. In addition, we usually won’t loan on a car with more than 150,000 miles on it. If you are interested in getting an auto title loan and live in Tempe, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Fountain Hills, Glendale, Gilbert, or Chandler, call or stop by today to get the most competitive rates in town. 480-947-3368.